Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Welcome to No Hope Now

Don't worry about the title... or the subject matter... or the fact that your convivial host is a curmudgeonly cynic of the highest order. This is an upbeat and happy place. Heck, anyplace where you can vent on the inequities and stupidity of public policy is by definition a celebration of democracy. The title is not "No Hope, now" but rather No "Hope Now" referring to the ill conceived and highly dangerous government bailout plan for lender and debtors. Since the powers that be are not interested in what people have to say about this plan I started this blog.

Oh, yes I also own and I wonder if...

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Atlanta
Homeownership Preservation Foundation
Housing Partnership Network
NeighborWorks America
Servicers/Lenders/Mortgage Market Participants
AIG / American General Financial Services, Inc.
Aurora Loan Services, Lehman Brothers
Carrington Mortgage Services
IndyMac Bank
Litton Loan Servicing
Morgan Stanley Home Loans
Ocwen Loan Servicing
Wilshir Credit Corporation, Merrill Lynch Home Loans
American Securitization Forum
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
Trade Associations
American Bankers Association
America’s Community Bankers
American Financial Services Association
American Securitization Forum
Consumer Bankers Association
Consumer Mortgage Coalition
The Financial Services Roundtable
The Housing Policy Council
Mortgage Bankers Association
Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association

...paid more than $17 for That is what they cost me.
You have to believe these special interest groups are circling the wagons with this scheme.


sk said...

First !

I HOPE this thrives.


Rob Dawg said...

Meta First there SK. I started this blog because I just cannot abide the idea of government amok with no forum to discuss. "Hope Now" has been presented en masse as a whole work. I call for a "do over" on this "do over" program.

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